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Maintaining, Protecting and Repairing Glass: Tips for Everyone

Welcome to my blog. When I was a teen, I started dabbling with coloured glass and stained glass art. Later, I helped work on a number of houses, and my partner and I often changed the windows in those houses. Through that experience, I learned a lot about maintaining, protecting and repairing glass. Currently, I am not working on any projects, so I decided to create a blog full of the information I have learned about glass over the years. Whether you are an artist, a glass installer, a homeowner thinking about new windows or anyone else with a question or concern about glass, this blog is designed for you.

Maintaining, Protecting and Repairing Glass: Tips for Everyone


Should You Choose Opaque Or Clear Shower Screens?

Glass shower screens add a luxurious touch to a bathroom. Before choosing a glass type, though, you need to be clear about what you want from the screens. Are you after something to maximise light flow, or are you more interested in preserving privacy? Here is some information to help you decide between transparent and opaque glass. Frosted Glass Frosted glass is translucent, filtering through a soft diffused light. Because it scatters the illumination that passes through, only blurred shadows and shapes are visible.