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Maintaining, Protecting and Repairing Glass: Tips for Everyone

Welcome to my blog. When I was a teen, I started dabbling with coloured glass and stained glass art. Later, I helped work on a number of houses, and my partner and I often changed the windows in those houses. Through that experience, I learned a lot about maintaining, protecting and repairing glass. Currently, I am not working on any projects, so I decided to create a blog full of the information I have learned about glass over the years. Whether you are an artist, a glass installer, a homeowner thinking about new windows or anyone else with a question or concern about glass, this blog is designed for you.

Maintaining, Protecting and Repairing Glass: Tips for Everyone

Three Reasons for Repairing a Broken Window Immediately

by Catherine Smythe

There are some jobs around the home that never seem to get done. However, a broken window should never be one of them. Here are three reasons why a broken window should be repaired as soon as possible.


Most importantly, broken glass is a serious safety hazard. If a window has shattered, there may be small particles of glass on the floor that you can't even see but which can easily cause serious cuts. These should be removed using heavy-duty gloves and a vacuum cleaner. It is also likely that some broken glass is left in the frame. These shards will be very sharp and can easily injure someone — especially children or pets. You should carefully remove any loose fragments and then cover the window with cardboard or plywood while you wait for the repair service to come. Anything else will be putting you and your family at risk.


A broken window not only gives a burglar easy access to your house — it also makes the house more tempting. You will be advertising to any potential intruders that your home is neglected. They can expect that there will be a similar lax attitude to security around the rest of the house and will see it as an easy target. Neighbourhoods with unkempt and run-down properties often tend to attract crime. Of course, the broken window may be due to a criminal act in the first place, in which case you will need to demonstrate to the vandals that their actions have little effect.


Finally, a broken window is no longer doing its job of protecting your home from the elements. Even a cracked window will allow heat to escape from your home, and a broken one can make a huge difference to the indoor temperature. This will cost you more in heating bills and increase your carbon footprint as you try in vain to heat up a home which cannot keep the warmth in. A broken window will also allow rain in, which can damage your furnishings, and in the summer, you may have no protection against the humidity. To save your heating and air conditioning bills, you should get your window repaired as soon as possible.

The safest and quickest way to repair a window is to call window repair professionals. Your home will then be safe, secure and protected from the extremes of weather.