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Maintaining, Protecting and Repairing Glass: Tips for Everyone

Welcome to my blog. When I was a teen, I started dabbling with coloured glass and stained glass art. Later, I helped work on a number of houses, and my partner and I often changed the windows in those houses. Through that experience, I learned a lot about maintaining, protecting and repairing glass. Currently, I am not working on any projects, so I decided to create a blog full of the information I have learned about glass over the years. Whether you are an artist, a glass installer, a homeowner thinking about new windows or anyone else with a question or concern about glass, this blog is designed for you.

Maintaining, Protecting and Repairing Glass: Tips for Everyone

What are some reasons your energy bill is higher?

by Catherine Smythe

If you have been struggling with a high energy bill lately, it might not actually be due to using your HVAC units too much, but to home improvements and maintenance that needs to be done. Here are some possible reasons for a higher energy bill.

There Are Air Leaks

A common reason for your energy bill to be higher is due to air leaks in your home. If a lot of air is escaping when you are running the air conditioner or heater, those units are working extra hard to get to the temperature you have programmed. This will quickly cause your energy bill to go up. The trick here is to find exactly where the leaks are coming from. The windows are a good place to start, as there might be cracks or gaps between the window and the window frame. Also check for cracks around doors that lead outside, including your sliding glass doors if your have a patio. Look for any cracks in the walls that go straight through between inside and outside your home.

Your Windows Need to be Upgraded

Your windows can also be the cause of the higher energy bill for other reasons. If you have older windows in your home, they could be the reason you are paying more for energy each month. This may be due to having single-pane windows and needing to upgrade to double or triple-pane, which insulate your home better and hold in more of the heat and cold air from the HVAC unit. Older windows also tend to lose their sealing power, which is another reason your bill could be higher. You could also have cracks in the windows that need to be repaired.

The HVAC Air Filters Are Clogged

Regardless of the type of heating and air conditioning unit you have, it likely has air filters in it. These filters can get clogged as they collect dust, debris, dander, and mold spores before these particles are sent through the vents and into rooms of your home. However, while they do a great job at giving you clean air, the filters get clogged and either need to be cleaned or replaced. There are filters in space heaters, portable and window air conditioners, split-system units, and central HVAC units.

Also make sure you pay attention to other ways of using up too much energy in the home, such as setting the HVAC unit to a temperature that isn't necessary, or keeping your appliances plugged in constantly. When plugging in a cell phone or laptop, unplug it as soon as it is fully charged.