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Maintaining, Protecting and Repairing Glass: Tips for Everyone

Welcome to my blog. When I was a teen, I started dabbling with coloured glass and stained glass art. Later, I helped work on a number of houses, and my partner and I often changed the windows in those houses. Through that experience, I learned a lot about maintaining, protecting and repairing glass. Currently, I am not working on any projects, so I decided to create a blog full of the information I have learned about glass over the years. Whether you are an artist, a glass installer, a homeowner thinking about new windows or anyone else with a question or concern about glass, this blog is designed for you.

Maintaining, Protecting and Repairing Glass: Tips for Everyone

Simple Tips on Cleaning Your Glass Pool Fencing

by Catherine Smythe

Glass pool fences have undoubtedly come into their own in the present-day as the crystal clear, unobtrusive element of glass allows for uninterrupted views while at the same time providing safety against intrusion by kids or pets. Nevertheless, glass pool fences are subject to regular splashing from the chlorinated pool water, which etches the glass surface in the end.

Do you plan on installing a glass pool fence but are concerned about the idea of cleaning it? The following are important tips regarding how to keep your glass pool fence clean and shiny.

Avoid harsh cleaners

Believe it or not, it is recommended that a simple combination of non-abrasive dish soap, water and a squeegee is all that is needed to clean your glass pool fence in addition to an upbeat attitude. This cleaning method has been proven very effective in respect to glass cleaning and it doesn't matter the type of glass pool fencing you are cleaning, whether a frameless, balustrade or semi-frameless fence, they all apply. A squeegee is preferred because it doesn't leave any scratches or scuffs on the glass. Often praised for its effective cleaning capabilities, you can use distilled white vinegar in place of the dish soap.

Take into account the post and railings

For semi-frameless glass pool fences, they feature full height posts, which serve to maintain the glass in position. So how do you clean these posts and railings? It is advised that you use a moist, soft sponge or cloth to wipe them. Additionally, if you can get hold of a microfibre cloth, you can also use it to wipe the posts, as it doesn't inflict scratches on the powder coat surface on the posts.

Drying process

This is straightforward. For the glass panels, allow them to simply air dry. For the posts and railings, you can dry them, rather with a soft sponge or a microfibre cloth. Yet again, avoid using any harsh cleaner during the drying process to avoid leaving scratches behind.

Regularly clean

The general rule is to rinse your glass pool fencing at least once in every four months. Of course, this might differ based on where you reside and how soiled your fence gets. Nevertheless, you should clean your glass fence after every few months to afford it a longer service life.

Since you now know how to go about cleaning glass pool fencing, you should be confident having one installed around your pool. Learn more by visiting resources like http://www.pantherglass.com.au.